some stuff i made :)

you can try these now!


Screenshot of Geodle

A Wordle-like game that tests your knowledge of country demographics by having you guess the country based on demographics like continent, population and average temperature.

Made with TypeScript, React.js, and Material UI.

it's raining somewhere else

Screenshot of it's raining somewhere else

A dumb little website that shows you a city where it's currently raining.

Made with TypeScript, React.js, Node.js, and Express.js.

Health Star Rating Calculator

Screenshot of it's raining somewhere else

Calculate and explain the Australian/New Zealand Health Star Rating of foods.

Made with Svelte.

you can use these in your own projects!


An npm module for calculating the ANZ Health Star Rating of foods, which is used in the above Health Star Rating Calculator site :)


An small npm module that determines if two words rhyme, based on the CMU rhyming dictionary